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June 27, 2017

Music has been a part of human culture for thousands and tens and thousands of years. Instruments such as for instance drums and flutes have already been found to be over 4000 years old and artifacts have already been present in every corner of the world. While music has served different roles for different cultures, every culture on this planet has utilized music for some degree. From drums leading soldiers on to fight, religious ceremonies or simply just unwinding following a long day of working the land, music is entwined in human history.

While it is apparent that music is a part of human history, concerts today are bigger and much better than ever. Live shows came back full swing with technology helping to create larger than life performances. Giant video, aesthetic lighting and fireworks are some of the elements that continue to produce live concerts interesting. The grade of sound has greatly increased for a live performance as advances in technology has allowed for better speakers, instruments and production values. Furthermore many concert venues themselves are created to deliver probably the most pristine and superior melodies as advances in building materials in addition has contributed to the increase in live sound quality.

This is in comparison to when live shows started, when hearing the singer might be difficult, or the drummer would drown out the remaining group. Live music is currently a very important income stream for many artists and subsequently the caliber of product, a live music performance, has increased in entertainment value. There are several concerts in numerous genres of live music that one can attend and find locally. There's been an increase in the number of music festivals, where you can find and discover a multitude of new performers.

Live music does survive, and today there are more varied acts and alternatives for a music fan than we'd in the past. With the increase in the independent music scene, many artists support themselves, advertise and promote for their own show. It has created a condition where bands works harder than ever to use and allow it to be to the big style, going the excess mile to hold an excellent performance and capture the audience. This is true for all kinds of live music, as orchestral based performances and organizations are also relying on live shows to aid their organization. Many shows incorporate extravagant performers, dancers and visual effects to improve the emotional experience and value of the experience.

This can be a specialized site where one gets to know which band or artist is performing in certain town. Perhaps you intend to get out for the night and are unsure what live music options are available; here is a resource guide to planning a great evening with friends. Perhaps you find yourself in a fresh town and are unsure of the local hotspots for live music, again, this is a resource guide to help you rock out! Musicians and bands that are also looking to promote themselves will find this resource site a great way of connecting with new fans and finding new bands to possible put on shows with. There can be a market for live music, provided that artists keep pushing the creative envelope, we music fans can keep coming.


For more information kindly visit music live music

For more information kindly visit music live music

Part 5 Chapter 2 SH series

May 25, 2017

Along with your credit in tatters, you'll have to be patient for a bit longer before you acquire many of the things you've wanted for so long. You took the right steps whenever you hired Chapter 7 lawyers to regain control of your finances. Unfortunately, there are certainly a few things you will have to wait on after bankruptcy.

1. Seeing bankruptcy disappear from your credit report

Bankruptcy can stick to your credit report for a decade, negatively impacting your score and making lenders take a long, hard look at you before they're willing to give you even a fundamental loan. After those a decade, however, you will be free and clear since the bankruptcy will not be visible.

2. Repairing your credit

There's no perfect guideline for just how long it'll decide to try repair your credit following a Chapter 7 bankruptcy, though by that ten-year mark stated earlier, it must be bright and new again. Instead, credit repair is dependant on a series of different factors. How you pay current debts, including your house payment (if you've managed to hold onto the house), is at the the surface of the list and should be a priority in your new budget.

3. Applying for an unsecured bank card

Immediately after you apply for bankruptcy together with your Chapter 7 lawyers, you'll probably see lots of bank card offers claiming to be interested in helping you rebuild your credit. It sounds perfect, right? Unfortunately, these bank card "offers" have substantial strings attached. They know that you can't apply for Chapter 7 bankruptcy again for eight years, and therefore, you will have to discover a way to create payments on these high-interest cards. Worse, you'll incur high fees, low limits, and take a hit to your credit in the event that you cancel the card. Instead, wait until you've raised your credit score to around 700 before applying for a new card. While trying to build your credit, try options like secured credit cards; you deposit the profit a certain account at the lender, and the lender offers you a "loan" of 50-100% of this amount. Using this card each month can help rebuild your credit faster.

4. Buying a home

It seems like an ideal time for you to go house hunting, doesn't it? Without any debts hanging over your head following a Chapter 7 discharge, it feels like you've more of each paycheck to devote to things like a new house. Unfortunately, you can't jump in just yet. If you're employing a VA loan, it will have to wait two years from the full time you filed for bankruptcy before you try to purchase a home. A more traditional loan will require a four-year waiting period. Don't despair, though. Meanwhile, you can start gathering your down payment. Take the total amount that you'd like to devote to a home payment on a monthly basis and put it into an account devoted to buying a house. In four years, you'll have a substantial down payment that may allow it to be easier for you to get the loan you want.

5. Jumping back in your old lifestyle

You have more cash available since you've reduced or eliminated your debts, but that doesn't mean that you should dive straight back in your old lifestyle. Remember, those overspending habits are what led to your bankruptcy in the very first place. Take the time to produce good spending habits and watch for a big change in your employment status and your income before you make an effort to surpass those standards again.

Filing for bankruptcy after retaining Chapter 7 lawyers is really a scary amount of time in your life. Rebuilding when it's over may be even harder. For more tips and tricks on managing your finances after bankruptcy, contact us today.


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Testex released the latest wrap reel machine into the market

April 28, 2017

Guangdong, China:-  One of the pioneers in textile testing industries, Testex, has proudly announced the development and release of their latest wrap reel machine. The machine has been specifically designed to generate skeins of yarns of pre-defined lengths that will meet the need of the customer at the fullest.

The company has released two models of the machine, one with a winch circumference of 1000 +/- 1 mm, while the other measures at 54 +/- 1/16 inch. The number of wrap reels can be adjustable between 1 to up to 9999 wraps. The spacing of the spindle has been fixed at 60 mm distance. The traveling reciprocating distance has also been fixed at 35 mm. the pre-tension is adjustable between 2 and 100 cn.

The average weight of both the machine is about 55 kgs or 122 lbs. The dimensions of the machines are 780 mm by 660 mm by 510 mm (31 inches by 26 inches by 20 inches). Both the models require a power source of 220/110V or 50/60 Hz.

The customer can rest assured of the quality of the product. Keeping the tradition of the company, these machines also satisfies several criteria and has been certified with standards such as ISO 2060, DIN 53830, ASTM D 1907/2260, GB/T6838, GB/T4743, BS 2010, and GB/T14343. These standards ensure the finest quality product for its desired customers.

About the company

The Testex Company started in the Guangdong district of China in 1991. It has maintained its image as one of the finest manufacturers of equipment related to textile since then and has been able to set up its own factory in 2008. The company deals with the testing of a wide range of equipment like yarn equipment, fiber equipment strength, comfort equipment, etc. With its headquarters based in Hongkong, Testex has already extended its reach beyond the borders and have won several accolades especially from the Western countries.


For more information click here Wrap Reel


To learn more about this textile testing company, feel free to contact at the below-given address

No. 65, Dist. 2, Dabeiwan, Changpin, Daojiao, Dongguan, 523000 P.R. China Business Phone no: + 86 - 769 - 2329 4842

What is the front seal and back seal for the ball valve?

April 23, 2017

In addition cinder ball valve, spray ball valve pulverized coal, others, like the floating ball valve, trunnion mounted ball valve, V-type ball valve, eccentric semi-ball valve, three way ball valve, which has two seats, the first seal means that the inlet end seat acts as a seal, the back seal means that seal the outlet end of the seat from the actual principle is very simple, which is to seat sealing O-ring sealing surface on the outside of the seat within the differences and. There is also a two-way sealed DIB structure; its principle is to increase the O-ring, the inner circle within the valve seat ring, the outer ring outside the seat.


After the back seat seal trunnion ball valve, the fluid pressure on the ball and seat effective force is small, therefore, the bearing load and friction torque are small, which gives the drive and bearing design, especially for low friction coefficient with self-lubricating properties, but the choice of compressive strength is low, there is a tendency of cold PTFE sliding bearings to provide a convenient, the disadvantage is that the valve seat seal: To ensure da> dw, if not reduce the valve channel cross-sectional area, it is necessary to increase the size of the ball and the body’s structure.


For the first seal, the back sealed on both sides of trunnion mounted ball valve, the advantage of reliable sealing performance, low bearing loads, so it is suitable for sealing particularly demanding situations, when the ball valve body cavity pressure P2 abnormally elevated, it cannot automatic pressure relief, therefore, when using double sealed ball transporting liquefied gas, the need to coat the body of a small safety valve.


When the fluid pressure PN≥16MPa, valve size DN = 80-200mm, the general use of the back seat seal, for delivery pressure PN≤10MPa corrosive media and gases, as well as valve size larger occasions, should be adopted valve seat before sealing, the sealing requirements are particularly stringent, or more dangerous media, we recommend using double-sided seal valve, in order to increase the sealing performance, reduce friction and wear seat, extend its life and to prevent the ball valve use due to damage caused by accident seat, oil seal structure can be added in the seat, but it must be noted that only the auxiliary oil seal from the seal, or as a temporary emergency measure, oil seal structure used for larger diameter and conveying gas trunnion mounted ball valve medium.


Should you want to know more about ball valve from Reliable China valve manufacturer, please visit or email us via


Contact Us


Zhejiang Relia Valve Co., Ltd.

Sanqiao Ind. Zone, Oubei Town

Wenzhou, Zhejiang, 325105



Tel: + 86-577-86373155

Fax: + 86-577-56994545


The Unopened Gift- A Primer in Emotional Literacy by Dan Newby

April 20, 2017

“The Unopened Gift- A Primer in Emotional Literacy.”


Available through Amazon in print and kindle. Get a copy at


“Do emotions make you uncomfortable?  Do you sometimes wish they would just go away?  Would you like to live with more ease and understanding of what you are feeling?


Emotional Literacy is a term coined by the authors to describe a level of emotional understanding where they are part of our everyday common sense.  In an emotionally literate world we would no longer see emotions as awkward or scary but as a tool each of us possess to help navigate life.  This book puts readers on a path that will result in a new understanding of emotions, their purpose and their role in living a life full of choice.


The Unopened Gift reveals what we have not yet understood about emotions.  That emotions aren’t in competition with reason but are an essential part of thinking; that they are constantly giving us information about the world around us; that each exists for a specific purpose and takes care of a particular aspect of life; that life without emotions would be like art without color.

About the Authors:

Lucy Núñez and Dan Newby are coaches, coach trainers, and facilitators. Both are keenly interested in how humans learn and experience emotions and their role in culture, organizations and individual lives. Originally from Venezuela and the U.S. they are married and live in Barcelona, Spain.

Company Name: If need put ( Dan Newby)

Address:              Carrer d’Enric Granados, 113, 2/1, 08008, Barcelona, Spain

Telephone:         +34 638 283 648



Jaywin is aiming to reach the highest charts with "Same One".

April 20, 2017

It's not everyone whom believe they can sing or rap, do it well. In our lifetime we find a few voices that catches people's

emotions, that allows and develop up a great connection. Longe has found

Jaywin's voice to be one of the few. It's also like calling Whitney Houston's the voice of her generation. They

are in a class by themselves! Though Little Wayne is a wild one, you

cannot deny his voice on that perfect track, and this is what we here

at Longe, has found in Jaywin's voice with his new song "Same one".

This song is club ready and charted it will be, and glorified one day.

It's a hit peoples. As always Longe wants to know your thoughts on the

artist by providing your feedback. Review Jaywin's social media and

video below and let us know your views. Social Media:


Bio:JayWin was Born & raised in Brooklyn, NY. He now resided in North Carolina where he is heating up the music scene. JayWin

has his own

sound & brings his own style of rap to the hip hop & he stays

consistent with new material for his audience to enjoy. JayWin has been

featured in various blogs & websites (Vlad TV, Hiphop Since 1987,

Jack Thriller, 2Dope Boyz, This is 50, Carolina on the rise etc..). He

has a single out now called "Feel Like The Man" which is a hit right

now, getting spins in the club, radio & charting numbers online such

as (Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes, Tidal, Soundcloud & etc...) &

also his video for the track on Youtube. He's known for a lot more

titles such as 4th Quarter, Brodies, Been Thru it All, & so on you

can view on Vevo & listen to on Soundcloud.


Reference linK:


Montana Montana Montana & Sleepdank MACLAFORNIA

April 13, 2017

New studio album Maclafornia by Montana Montana Montana & Sleepdank


artist : Montana Montana Montana & Sleep Dank

label : 925five Records

album  : Maclafornia



A member of the San Francisco California   Bay Area Thizz Nation movement 925five Records.  925 crew  and a solo music artist , Montana Montana Montana #RNAR REALLY NOT A RAPPER and airport life style Sleep Dank combines the MACLAFORNIA  hometown   favored Cali sound of street hyphy  club with a darker fun more gritty-flavored style of rap. Their self-assured and cocky get money style of flow on this album will motivate you with great vibes to get “The Collateral” and go hard in the game. Pezzy Montana's has been everywhere After launching his solo career in 2014 with the J-Diggs Presents Really Not a Rapper album Montana Montana Montana.  Sleep Dank rose to Music fame with hits like   "Hoes We Like" off the highly glorified MAC DRE album . MACLAFORNIA  is a must listen to project hosted., if you have SNAP CHAT  follow them for day to day action studio and fine dining. @PezzyMontana and @darealSleepDank



Maclafornia track listing :


1. Maclafornia Intro

2. The Collateral

3. Two On One

4. Louie Shades ft. Da'Unda'Dogg

5. Just Wanna

6. Pussy Aint Life ft. Louieville Slugga

7. Talk That Money ft. Da'Unda'Dogg

8. My City ft. Da'Unda'Dogg

9. Intangible (skit)

10. Stay Pimpin Maclafornia ft. J-Hype

11. Summertime

12. Colgate (Flight to Boston) ft. Cool Nutz

13. Real Street Activities 

14. Murder Book ft. 2nd Nature

15. Maclafornia ft. Coolio Da'unda'Dogg

16. Roll With Me ft. Bully Wiz



(925five Records)

Android- Googleplay link


iTunes – apple link


hard copies- City Hall records


Media Contact

Company Name: Montana Montana Montana

Contact Person: Lovie Johnson

Email: info (at)

City: Bakersfield

State: CA

Country: United States


phone: 626-692-5925

6300 White Lane suite D 101

Bakersfield California 93309

دانلود سریال شهرزاد

April 13, 2017

The biggest advantage of selling digital downloads from your e-commerce website is that there is no need to keep a physical shop for storing the products. As the name suggests, these products are digitally available and buyers can, therefore, download them directly into their desktop computers and laptops. All they have to do is pay for the products they are buying before they can begin the downloading process.

If you are planning to start selling digital downloads, this is the perfect time to begin. Digital downloading is still in the growing years, but the promise shown by its rise guarantees a great future. While selling digital downloads, you have the liberty to cut down your budget as you do not have to produce any physical product. Moreover, it also quenches the thirst of mobile device owners to receiving everything instantly.

So how do you start things from the scratch. It is not as complicated and cumbersome as you think it is. Just keep these following tips in mind, and you are all good to go:

Tip 1: Choose The Right Shopping Cart Software

You will find plenty of options when it comes to shopping cart software solutions. However, what you need in this software is total flexibility, and there are only a few which can fulfill your wish. So how do you pick the perfect one? Choose a cart which gives you full FTP access to help you manage the files, and protects every file during the transactions. Moreover, the cart must also have the feature of stopping link sharing with people who have not paid for the download.

Tip 2: Use Standard File Formats

In order to succeed in your endeavor, you need to make sure that all users can download and use your products. Therefore, it is important that you use the most common and standard file formats for your products. For example, MP3 format for audio files and PDF format for e-books. You also need to keep in mind that the downloads are happening real fast. And to get this done, compress the files to lower their size.

Tip 3: Secure Downloads With Serial Numbers

One major thing you need to learn is preventing digital piracy. And the best method to do it is by introducing a "serial number" or "key validation" system. You need to find a software which allows users to upload a list of serial numbers. Once you enter the serial numbers, you can easily keep track of who activates your software online.

Tip 4: Immediate Availability

The reason users prefer digital downloads over physical products is because they do not have to wait for the products to get delivered. They can access it instantly as soon as the payment gets confirmed. Do not give them the option to choose your business rivals. Therefore, make sure that every digital download is always ready and available to make your e-commerce campaign a success

For more information click here دانلود سریال شهرزاد

Instant Tax Relief For Hudson Valley Homeowners

April 6, 2017

WESTCHESTER, NEW YORK:  As homeowners face increasing property taxes in a rising real estate market, the Sokol Group is assisting residents with a novel online tool. Taxpayers can now instantly determine, whether they are overpaying their taxes and consequently invoke measures to obtain real estate tax relief. The company operates principally in the Westchester, Rockland and Orange County areas.

Once the Sokol Group has reviewed details of a property and determined that a case for a tax appeal has a good chance of success, the company prepares a comprehensive set of documents for submission to a local authority. The best part about the company’s property evaluation and tax appeal service to clients, is that it is for free. Clients who are recipient to the the Sokol Group’s service, only pay for professional services rendered, once a tax saving has been successfully procured.

“We’re a one-stop shop,” said Bruce Sokol, founding partner of the Sokol Group. “We take the administrative burden out of the hands of homeowners and can potentially save taxpayers a significant sum of money.” The company initiates the Property Grievance Process for their clients, from cradle to closure. Bruce Sokol has over twenty five years experience in assisting his clients in property assessments and lowering taxes.

Some financial advisors are predicting that the additional disposal wealth from the savings in real estate taxes, could trigger a boost to the regional economy.

About the Sokol Group: The Sokol Group is a company based in the Hudson Valley, New York which is active in providing homeowners with tax savings on property taxes through property revaluations and tax appeals. The company operates principally in the Westchester, Rockland and Orange County areas in New York State.

For more information click here westchester real estate taxes


Bruce Sokol                                                                           

Sokol Group



Chech out our Roku channel

February 11, 2017

Dream Catchers Multimedia TV, DCM TV and Retro TV brings back the shows of your past and takes you back to a time when television serves as the core of family togetherness.

Relive the days when families gathered together to enjoy entertainment on tv.

Watch the films and television series that touched our lives, remain in our memory, and even shaped a generation. Watch those good old classic comedies, sci-fi shows, horror flicks, and much more on Retro TV.

Check out original films, documentaries, short films, foreign films, and tv web series on our Check out or livestreaming DCM TV Wide Eye Channel and view social issues that are touched on ranging from topics such as homelessness to taking a look at the laws regarding medical marijuana.

If you like music you will enjoy watching DCM music tv. We bring you the show The service is up with Jenny BP. Views can go on a virtual night out with Jenny Bird Pownall. Jenny travels to various locations and not on features bands and musicians from the area, she interviews them.

Dream Catchers Multimedia TV and Retro TV make watching television a once again enjoyable resource by bringing back that old " back in the day" family concept with modern ideas and fresh new faces.

Chech out our Roku channel

To add us to your ROKU channel lineup:

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